Project Name
Retrospec Bikes

photography, set design, creative direction

Project Scope:

Retrospec recently went through a major rebranding and were in need of updated content for their bikes w/ the new logo. They sought me out to incorporate photography and art direction to create minimal yet dynamic product photos that felt stylish but relatable.


I decided to take this concept to the city as a contrasting backdrop to what Retrospec is traditionally known for. Which is outdoor and nature. I chose this theme to market specifically to my city dwellers who like to ride in comfort and style.


They needed minimal photos of the bikes with negative space for website and social media use as well as close up lifestyle captures.

The final outcome hit all of their initial photography needs while incorporating a theme that reaches additional client demographics.

Photography / Art Direction / Styling
Afritina Coker

Tiffany Baker
Corey Bao

Shoot Assistant
Angela Pettigrew

Retrospec Bikes