Handle w/ Care

photography, set design, creative direction

We can learn a thing or two about the way black men move through this world. With style, undeniable swag.

There are many spaces in this world that choose to be at odds with their very existence.
Give them their flowers while they’re still here.

Navigating life in the skin of a black man is rough enough, may as well tread in some kicks that make the journey a bit more fulfilling.

Black man, step in confidance. Step in all that God has called you to be. Run from everything the world says you are not. Run from racism. Run from death. Run this world. Just please keep running.

For the rest of us, follow suit and handle black men in the same way they handle their kicks, with care.

Art Direction
Afritina Coker

Afritina Coker

Set Styling
Afritina Coker

Toriq Ahmed

Toriq Ahmed